Monday, June 6, 2016

Thrilla from Manilla

I couldn't resist the Ali reference.  I have been following a thread about manilla cardstock vs manilla folders.  I picked up a 10 pack of folders from the dollar store.  They are much flimsier and I imagined that I would end up using them more as bases than for direct techniques.  However I had also picked up a couple of Tim Holtz kits that included manilla tags so I figured I would do some comparison.  I fashioned my tags using a 1/4" followed by a 1/2" circle punch to make my hole reinforcers. Here are the pictures side by side. 
 My tag is on the right 

Used the wrinkle free distress technique to pick up sprayed ink.

Here are the dried tags  Manilla folder rag on right. 

I added modeling paste through the stencil in the kit. My tag is on the left. 

Sprayed with color

Misted with water.

Dried and ready to go.  The Ranger tag is on the right. 

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