Thursday, August 14, 2014

Collage for my Dad

     This weekend we'll gather to celebrate my parents' 55th Anniversary and my dad's 80th birthday. I posted the anniversary card already, but here's the collage I made for my dad.

The completed project. I took the picture before putting it into the shadow box to try to prevent flash glare.
I used a base of fabric taped over the shadow box base which is 16x20". I took game pieces from a National Geographic map game and added dots onto each country they've traveled to.

My cool find was the Around the World in 80 Days album at a thrift store. I diecut letters, taped to a piece of paper then used a finepoint Sharpie to add details similar to those on the album cover. I wanted the words to stand out more, so I traced around them all with the Sharpie.

I've used foreign coins and paper money as accents. I also punched a few pieces of paper to add more color. Mom gave me some travel photos to add in.

Some of the photos had my mom's captions on them and I found some fun 3D travel stickers to add too.

I also had kept post cards they sent us and was able to include a couple of those...this one my dad actually wrote! The blue country names were from a Taste of the World dinner we attended that had a passport to carry along and have stamped at the different country's stations.

I love this photo!



  1. Hi Gail - I think we have a mutual friend Chris and "we" will be her blog assignment next week. Love the collage you made for your Dad - what a work of love and how creative. You know he will treasure it.

  2. Thanks Shirley-we have another thing in common, I was also a nurse though I stopped working when the kids started coming!