Monday, August 25, 2014

Coloring the Etching

I wanted to make a card from the spray of flowers I created using the stamp etching technique. (I showed my step by step photos on the previous post.) I followed Lydia's tutorial to add depth to an open line image using a fine point pen.

This was my starting point today. I had stamped the flowers twice and drew in a few added stems and buds before adding in the "flicked" lines. I just purchased some distress inks (I know...I'm WAY late to that party!) and wanted to add color using them. I smooshed my ink pads onto a piece of acetate packaging and used a wet brush to watercolor from the ink.
You can see that I lost a lot of the "etched" details. I knew this would happen because I had used a water-based marker. It also muted the colors a bit. I used the leftover ink on my "palette" to spatter onto my image. I used two spatter stamps to add the spatter onto the card base.

I took my marker and added back some more detail and also put a bit more of the raspberry color.
Here's the finished card. I used my ink pad to carefully ink just the sentiment that I wanted to use on this card which will go to a lady at our church who is having surgery this week.


  1. This turned out great - love the splatters.

  2. Very pretty! Thank you for the instructions. Can't wait to try the etching and water color!