Friday, September 12, 2014

Spritzed Scribbles

Really fun mixed media challenge today that had me breaking out the crayons! Ky called it "Go Scribble" and had us scribble with bright crayons over light cardstock followed by a dark spritzing.
Here's my first card.

I embossed my watercolor paper with the ef and then used crayons to color the embossed parts. I used the side with the stems raised.

I spritzed over the top with Walnut Ink

I used a semi-dry wipe to clear off the ink.
I wanted some blue so I smooshed my ink pad on acetate and watered it down to paint blue between the bamboo.
Here's a closeup of the final look.

Round 2-starting to add the crayon

Painting in the blue

Card #2 which will go to my dragon-loving about to be 14yo son.


  1. Gail -- this is an awesome technique!! Love this idea! Thanks for taking the time to share it. Vicki - vdoyle8 on SCS