Sunday, March 30, 2014

Time Piece

     I had watched an awesome tutorial by Gabrielle Pollacco where she made a mixed media art journal. Then yesterday my DD and I hit the thrift store 50% off sale and I found a broken clock. She made fun of me for purchasing it, and honestly, I do buy a lot more "to do" projects than I ever accomplish, but I had to make this one if for no other reason than to show her that my $1.50 hadn't gone to waste!  
Here's how it all began....I loved the metal base!

I die cut the gears and cut pieces from dry embossed cs with Pocket Watches and Steampunk ef's.

I painted two coats of Gesso over this. The "metal" piece on the edge is a piece of a coffee can foil lid that I dry embossed.

Ready to start the process (I later moved the arrow)
I painted my grunge board letters with a coat of Gesso and glued them into place (I moved the arrow down)

Starting to mess things up! This is Terra Cotta spray that I then sprayed with water

I added daubed acrylics and some alcohol inks painted on

Here's a close up of the final piece. I added some copper and Verdigris inks then used Versamark and a mix of eps to add some metal. I used black acrylics around this and the embossed foil for more definition. I went back and added some more acrylic paint and chalk inks on the bg too.

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