Monday, July 15, 2013

Metal Foil Tape Art

Today's technique challenge was to make metal foil tape art and included this awesome video tutorial.  I decided to make a sign for my studio (aka corner in the unfinished basement). Here's what I ended up with.
Started with a piece of heavy cardboard and embossed it in the Tim Holtz Steampunk ef. I liked the ideas of gears like the creative ideas that roll around in my mind!

Glued down grunge board letters (also Tim Holtz) and added some wire mesh and dry wall tape accents.

Here's where the metal tape comes in. You cut it in various sizes and layer it over the entire surface.

Use a stylus to go around your letters for definition.

I also burnished over the background areas with my bone folder.

I went back with the stylus to bring out the mesh, gears and tape more clearly.

A closeup pre-paint

Paint over the whole surface with black acrylic.

Use a tissue to remove most of the paint. I did this while is was still mostly wet.

I had forgotten to "distress" the metal so I went back with my scrub pad, a wire brush was used in the video.

I didn't have the type of paint used in the video so I added layers of 3 paint colors intended to sponge a verdigris look.

Added eyelets with my cropadile

Another look at the final product. It was a lot of fun. Hope you'll give it a try!

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