Monday, October 6, 2014

Bio Blurb

This is where you find me on vacations!

My parents at my daughter's wedding

My daughter had my veil re-worked for her veil!

I love having a garden!

My oldest two sons and middle daughter with my hubby.

St Louis was having its 50th and my DD her 17th

My youngest who is a big Hello Kitty fan.

My almost 6'3" almost 14yo son

The whole clan including my SIL. It was 17 degrees when we took these pictures last Christmas time
He may be tall, but he's still my little boy!

Harvest time in IN....this is the view from my car window as I drive between towns.

My mom on our St Louis trip this summer

Me and the four-legged one, Ouzo.

At a family reunion with my mom's family (she is the youngest of 7), we're in red.

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