Friday, October 3, 2014

Stripping Down

     Today's Hope You Can Cling To Challenge is called Stripping Down. Holly asked us to use strips on our backgrounds. I keep bags of my strips over by my tabletop cutter. For this challenge I pulled out strips in two color schemes.
The beauty of making "strip" cards is that the strips can be any width or length. I ended up going with all browns and creams instead of the blues and the other is pinks greys and silver.

I use my glue stick to coat the area I want to cover.

I line up the strips along one edge and let the other side hang over the edge of the piece of base card stock.

Once I have my area covered, I flip over the base and snip off the excess of the strips.

Here's the pinks version. I left an area free of strips for my sentiment and glued a white die cut over the top.

I made this one with the strips vertical at first but when I saw the picture I decided to flip the tree the other way.

I added some scoring to frame the strips piece and used a piece of polished stone paper to cut my sentiment.

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  1. Love these pretty cards you did with the strips. I love making cards from my scraps. They always turn out to be some of my favorites. I guess it's kind of like a quilter who probably loves all the patterns and designs of the fabrics she uses. All too pretty to waste.